The Amazon and Beyond
November 3, 2015 
Dr. Jobe Martin, Biblical Discipleship Ministries

Well-known for his fascinating video series  "Creation Proclaims" and "Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution," Dr. Martin presented examples of God's design in the animals of the Amazon
October 6, 2015 
Mr. Mike Snavely, Mission Imperative

Spiders are amazing creatures. In this ISBR Creation Science Forum, Mike Snavely presented several examples of the structure and behavior of spiders that are clearly evidence of design
How Computer Science Implies a Creator Outside Space and Time
September 1, 2015
Dr. Robin Snyder

How is God related to our basic concepts of space and time? Since God created them both, he must be outside both.  With the example of computers and mathematical algorithms,  computer scientist Dr. Robin Snyder presents convincing evidence that the Creator of the universe not only exists but exists outside his creation, making even more important the fact that God stepped into the universe to bring salvation to mankind
ISBR Creation Science Forum Videos
The Global Flood of Genesis - Part 3 of 3 - Drying Up and Spreading Out
February 7, 2017
Mr. Bob Cooperman, ISBR President and Exec. Director

In this final talk of the series, we presented evidence of how the world could be re-populated by humans, animals and plants following the "population bottleneck" of the Global Flood
The Global Flood of Genesis - Part 2 of 3 - Water, Water Everywhere!
January 3, 2017
Mr. Bob Cooperman, ISBR President and Exec. Director

In this talk, we presented the six main evidences we would expect to find if there were, indeed, a flood covering the entire world
The Global Flood of Genesis - Part 1 of 3 - Noah's Ark, Original and Kentucky Style!
November 1, 2016
Mr. Bob Cooperman, ISBR President and Exec. Director

Aside from the Creation account itself, no other Scriptural report is more discounted, maligned and denied as is the Global Flood and Noah's ark.In this talk, we showed what Noah would have had to incorporate in his ark design to meet the requirements of the Flood and compared this with the design of Answers in Genesis newly-opened Ark Encounter, in Kentucky
The Design and Genius of Birds
October  4, 2016
Mr. Mike Shelton, LCDR USN (Ret.)

LCDR Shelton presented a very interesting talk about God's design of birds from an aviator's viewpoint, having 23 years experience as a Navy pilot.This included the design of the avian respiratory system, the avian wing design and the migratory pattern of birds over thousands of miles
Noah: Exploring His Ancient World with 3-D Laser Technologies
September 6, 2016
Mr. Frank DeFreitas,

This very interesting presentation focuses on the use of lasers to visualize biblical artifacts in 3-D from museums areound the world. It also gives an example of laser communications by transmitting and receiving the very first verse of the Bible (Genesis 1:1) across the room by Morse code encoded on a laser beam
The Smoke and Mirrors of Dinosaur to Bird Evolution
February 2, 2016
Mr. Bob Cooperman, ISBR President and Exec. Director

The secular media constantly claims proof for evolution by looking at birds and claiming they evolved from dinosaurs. We examine the scientific evidence and explain why this evidence does not point to that conclusion
Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome
March 7, 2017
Mr. Jay Auxt, ISBR Board

In this talk, ISBR Board member Jay Auxt presented the ten major points behind the ground-breaking book of the same name by research geneticist Dr. John Sanford. Dr. Sanford is retired from Cornell University and wrote this book after realizing the inevitability of the decay of the genome, procluding the "particles-to-people" evolution believed by the majority of people. Not only is the genome decaying on an indivudual basis, but in the population as a whole. Our future hope is not in the reversal of the genomic decay, but rather in the Creator of the genome, Jesus Christ
Technology Statements in the Bible
April 4, 2017
Dr. Robin Snyder, Computer Scientist

The Bible, although not a book of science, nevertheless contains many verses foreshadowing modern technology. In this talk, computer scientist Robin Snyder explores many of these verses with the goal of strengthening belief in the truth of Scripture and that it reliably points to the truth of the Gospel of Christ.
Genetic Messages - How Evolution Puts the Rabbit into the Hat
May 2, 2017
Mr. Bob Cooperman, ISBR President and Exec. Director

"Particles-to-people" evoution has a false assumption, so obvious as to be missed and so fundamental as to be ignored. This involves the notion of information and messages in living organisms that are not present in non-life. In this Creation Science Forum, Bob Cooperman presented compelling examples of the problem and the solution, impossible to rationalize in a macro-evolutionary worldview.