A Case for Christ

May 2, 2013
Mr. Jay Auxt, ISBR Board

Erosion Evidence for a Global Flood

April 4, 2013
Mr. Art Manning, ISBR Board (Ret.)

Elemental Requisites for Life

March 7, 2013
Mr. Zach Zimmerman, ISBR Board

The Days of Genesis 1

February 7, 2013
Mr. Bob Cooperman, ISBR President

The Stricken Earth

January 3, 2013
Mr. Mike Snavely, Mission Imperative

Trusting God's Word - A Logical Conclusion

December 6, 2012
Mr. Jay Auxt, ISBR Board

Molecules, Monuments and Man

October 3, 2012
Mr. Randy Gehman, Dayspring Christian Academy

Expansion, Balance and Contraction in a
Younger, Smaller Universe

September 6,2012
Rev. Craig Bracy,
Scientific and Biblical Creationist Fellowship

Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood

May 3, 2012
Rev. Paul Humber, CR Ministries

ISBR Creation Science Forum Videos
Second Law of Thermodynamics

March 1, 2012
Mr. Zach Zimmerman, ISBR Board

The Human Eye - Idolatry of Evolutionary Explanations

February 2, 2012
Dr. Joseph Calkins, Eye Surgeion, ISBR Board (Ret.)

Creation Science - A Tremendous Witnessing

January 5, 2012
Mr. Jay Auxt, ISBR Board