ISBR Creation Science Forum

The Farm and Home Center of Lancaster

Tuesday, May  1, 2018, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Title: How Orbital Mechanics Validates Special Creation
(and Repudiates the Big Bang)       

Although the Big Bang, star formation and other cosmic phenomena have been elegantly described by mathematics, did they really happen that way? How did circular motion, angular momentum, etc. needed to form solar systems, evolve from an assumed initial hot plasma? Celestial/orbital mechanics is guided by amazing and elegant physical attributes that can be described in plain language, along with the fine-tuned properties of the mathematical descriptions.  It is clear that Intelligence and highly-prescribed Information are needed for a solar system to form and sustain.  However, the layman does not need to be a math major to understand the essential orbital properties of theheavenly bodies. Come hear former Navy pilot Lt. CMDR Mike Shelton explore these topics and bring a friend!

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