In 1989, Dr. and Mrs. William M. Curtis III began the ministry of ISBR. They saw the need to form an educational ministry to present the truths of science and origins, in particular, from a Biblical perspective, as both the Christian and non-Christian communities were being inundated with evolutionary biology as a substitute for the God of the Bible.

On February 29, 1992, ISBR became incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where it continues to be based and where it holds monthly meetings, referred to as "Creation Forums." At each Creation Forum, a speaker from among the regular attendees or a special speaker brought in specifically for this purpose presents scientific and Biblical evidences for origins, followed by a Question and Answer period.

Dr. Curtis passed away in November 2011, but the ministry continues to fulfill its original purpose. May God be glorified by this ministry and may you "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have."(1 Pet 3:15)

ISBR Statement of Belief
The following is a statement of those doctrines The Institute holds to be essential and fundamental to its purpose being convinced that what one believes about creation will ultimately affect what he believes about the Bible and about God Himself. Jesus, who is God manifest in human flesh [John 1:18, 8:58, 10:30, 14:9-10; Col. 1:15-19, 2:9, 1 John 4:2], said that if men did not believe the writings of Moses they would also not believe what He said [John 5:46-47]. Therefore, anyone associated with this Institute shall subscribe to these without reservation, and will propagate these truths in all efforts related to the work of The Institute.

1. The Holy Scriptures are the written word of God, and because they are inspired throughout, all of their statements are historically and scientifically true in all the original autographs. This means that the account of origins in the book of Genesis teaches that:

a. Creation was a direct act of God which took place in a series of six days, which were the same duration as the days of 24 hours we now experience.

b. The figures contained in the genealogies of Genesis provide by simple addition a chronology from the beginning of the world up to later stages in the biblical account which can be correlated to our present calendars.

c. The flood of Noah's time is understood to have been a world-wide event, which extinguished all human and land dwelling animal life except for those saved on the ark.

2. We are an organization of Christian men and women who accept Jesus the Christ as our Lord and Savior. The need for salvation stemming from the account of the special creation of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman of our genotype, and their subsequent fall into sin with its attendant judgement.

3. We believe that this salvation can only come through Jesus, who said He was the "Way, the Truth and the Life," and the only way to God [John 14:6-7].

4. We believe that this Jesus was the eternal Son of God, manifest in the flesh as the virgin-born son of Mary, who gave His life on a cross as an atonement for man's sin, died, rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of God, the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.