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Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Farm and Home Center of Lancaster
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NOAH: Exploring his ancient world with 3-D laser technologies

Tonight we will have Mr. Frank DeFreitas as our guest speaker. For over thirty years, he has provided laser and hologram presentations, workshops and outreach programs to the highest level of science and technology companies, institutions and educational venues, including The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C, The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas and many others. His most recent project (2015) focused primarily on ancient Biblical artifacts that document the events recorded in the Holy Bible. Included in his presentation will be A 3D laser hologram display of biblical treasures, such as several famous flood tablets (nippur, gilgamesh), cyrus cylinder, antioch chalice, etc. One would have to travel around the world to see these in person.
Also, free 3D glasses for the kids!
Please join us and bring a friend!
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Did You Know ?
The layers of the Grand Canyon strongly support the Biblical flood account.
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Recently, ISBR President Bob Cooperman visited the new Answers-in-Genesis Ark Encounter, in Petersburg, Kentucky. This museum, built in the size and shape of Noah's Ark, as well as the Biblical account of the ark itself were the subject of a ridiculing Letter to the Editor in the Lancaster, PA Intelligencer newspaper. Mr. Cooperman wrote a reply to this letter, spawning a flurry of comments and a couple of other letters. It may be of interest to our readers to see the dialog that ensued, in order to see how detractors of the Biblical Flood account (and of the Bible, in general) react to arguments that stick to the science: ironically, they ignore the science and go off on a closed-minded tirade about how nonsensical the Biblical account is. Here are the threads to the letters. The first one was written by Mr. Cooperman and the last two were written by others (a Bible detractor and a Bible supporter, respectively) and commented upon by Mr. Cooperman and others.

Support for the Ark

Plenty of Evidence of Earth's Age

Holy Bible Trumps Science